A couple of coworkers and I ventured out to downtown El Segundo for lunch and decided to try Farm Stand “Urban Country Food” on Main Street.

Their lunch menu had lots to order and many dishes allowed for “Half” portions for lunch.  The day we went they were offering ‘samples’ of their new ginger lemonade.  As you can see the sample was a full glass!  The ginger really stood out in the drink but the lemonade was not overpowered by it.  A very refreshing way to start the meal.
While looking over the menu, we were treated with a small basket of bread and butter.  The kalamata olive bread was the hands down winner, but the other bread was a close second.  It had the texture of cornbread but the lightness of flour.
I ordered the half portion Farmstand Grilled Salmon Salad.  It came with three nicely sized portions of grilled salmon, avocado, green beans over mixed greens and tossed with a very light Caesar dressing (it also comes with Roma tomatoes but I’m not a fan).  The salad was delicious and the salmon pieces were large enough for me to end up taking one home for dinner that night.

My coworker ordered the half portion Chinese Chicken Salad.  It had chicken (of course), fried wontons, Chinese green peas, red and yellow peppers, sesame seeds, mandarin oranges, cilantro and a tangy Asian dressing over romaine lettuce.  To quote my coworker “This is the best Chinese Chicken Salad I’ve ever eaten.”  Needless to say this plate went back to the kitchen empty.

My other coworker had the half portion Nonna Rina’s Homestyle Lasagna.  When the plate arrived you would have thought it was the full portion.  The lasagna is made with a traditional Bolognese meat sauce, béchamel (I had to Google this – it’s a white sauce used as the base for other sauces) and parmesan cheese with a mixed greens salad. 

“That lasagna was soooo delicious!!!! And it was the perfect size too!” was heard after the meal.  No doggie bag needed here either.

Although they had a nice selection of desserts, we had to forgo them this time around.

Farm Stand
422 Main Street
El Segundo, CA 90245
(P) 310-640-3276
(F) 310-640-7826



05/27/2010 14:34

That lasagna looked SOOOOO good!

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